Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2 Years

I can't believe my little guy is already 2! Time has moved so fast and I still look at this little face and fall in love every time! He is such a blessing in my life and I have loved every day watching him grow up and change these last 2 years. He is such a good boy and has only given us a tiny glimpse at the terrible 2's so far! He talks ALL day long and I am able to understand most of what he says with a few guesses here and there. He loves his family and loves to play trucks, read books and go swimming! He is still attached to his giant stuffed animal Snowman that has to go pretty much everywhere he goes except when we are able to sneak him away to put him in the wash.... He gets obsessed with his "owies" and can sometimes whine over them for days at a time or until they are healed and gone. He has names for all the different pairs of shoes he wears (grandma shoes, daddy shoes etc.) He has to tell you about every truck, bus, bike, motorcycle etc that he sees when we are driving around and loves to listen for airplanes and sirens from firetrucks. He is a horrible eater so we are lucky if he eats one good meal a day some days but despite that he still has his adorable round cheeks that I just love to kiss! He is very generous with his hugs and kisses and anyone with white hair he sees he will yell out "hi grandma" or "hi grandpa". He never fails to make us all smile with something new and funny each day! Happy Birthday Aiden! I sure do Love You!

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