Monday, November 23, 2009

long post....

Once again it has been a long time since i have posted anything and i can't believe how fast time is moving this year! This fall has brought many busy weeks with jewelry shows and expos and we're getting ready for our big Christmas open house the first week of December! We've been busy with kids and Aiden's personality is getting bigger and bigger every day! I'm so lucky that he is so easy going and smiling almost all of the time! His new favorite thing to do is blow bubbles and drool like crazy! he can roll from his stomach to his side but that's about as far as he gets. He hasn't quite figured out how to swing his leg over to get all the way on his back. Aiden has definitily had his share of sicknesses for the season too! It all started with the swine flu and then he was getting random fevers and now he has a stuffy nose and a really deep burly cough! poor guy... somehow he still manages to be such a nice boy! He's even become such a good little sleeper despite how sick he has been. He pretty much sleeps through the night now and most nights he sleep about ten hours (last night was 12 1/2!) i almost don't want to talk about it though because I don't want to jinx myself!Dad got the kids dressed and they all ended up wearing green shirts!
I love my boys! Jonathan has been working so hard and is exhausted at night and with Aiden being so sick, the two of them end up on the couch like this a lot!
Aiden loves to sit and watch tv!
Aiden still loves to be bundled up when he goes to bed! Recently he has started wiggling his arms out though...

I think it's been such a long time that I never posted anything from Aidens blessing! We had him blessed by my dad in October and Jonathan's parents were able to come out from Chico to be there for it. We had close friends and family over for some soup and yummy desserts after and it was a great day! When we were trying to decide what Aiden would wear for his blessing we were lucky enough to have Jonathans dad bring Jonathans blessing outfit and amazingly enough it fit Aiden. There were three buttons in the back and we had to leave the top one open because it was too tight on his neck. I was amazed that it actually fit since Jonathan was a premie but i'm really glad it did because it seemed kind of special that he could wear his dads blessing outfit.
Shortly after Aidens blessing it was time for Halloween festivities! We didn't do much, we went around to visit a few people and then we left Aiden with my mom to answer the door for trick or treater while the rest of us went off the the Utah Football game!
I have been lucky enough to have season tickets to the Utah football games for the past three seasons and this year almost every game fell on a Saturday that I had a jewelry show so unfortunately I missed a lot of games. We were able to make it to a few though and I think i'm slowly converting Jonathan to Utah football.

Also, this past week Jonathan and I got to go to the premier of New Moon! Jonathan got tikets through work and his company rented out a whole theater. I've never been to a premier before, and it was so nice to not have to fight crouds, pay for the tickets, stay up until midnight to see it, or pay for any treats! When Jonathan and I got to the theater we bought 2 drinks ($8.oo) and went into the theater only to find out that they were providing popcorn, candy and drinks! good thing we had just eaten dinner or else we would have probably paid for popcorn too.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Been a while...

So it's been a long time since I've posted an update on our life.... Aiden has been keeping Jonathan and I super busy and he is getting so much bigger! Aiden had his 2 month checkup and he weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces! He's now 11 weeks old and I'm pretty sure he weighs 11 pounds now. He has started to become so much more aware of the people and things around him! He reacts when we talk to him and is smiling all the time. He hates tummy time and either ends up crying or falling asleep every time we try it out. He has become an amazing sleeper for the most part and I am loving it! Most nights he is going to bed around 10 and waking up at 7 to eat and then going back to bed until about 9 or 10! Aiden loves to be outside and will be happy in his bouncer chair all day sitting on the porch while Jonathan is working in the yard.For some reason Aiden loves to stare at the handle of hes car seat. I hung toys from the handle since he always stared at it but he would look away from the toy and stare at the handle. My mom has since put stickers on the handle and he still loves to stare at it.While my mom and I were doing jewelry expos we put Aiden under the table in his car seat to take naps. Every once in a while he would cry and people in our booth would look around wondering where the cry was coming from!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Last night a much needed miracle happened. Mema Karen gave Aiden a lecture telling him he needed to sleep really good and for a long time so I could get some sleep. Well... he is a very obedient little bug because he slept for 8, yes 8 hours straight! That seemed pretty blog worthy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

back to life

I just got back from florida and now it is back to real life! Florida was so much fun and it was so nice being able to hang out with family and see my aunt and uncle from Las Vegas that I haven't seen in years! The beach house we stayed in was amazing and only steps from the beach! We spent our days laying in the sun on the beach and enjoyed great food together. We had a few problems getting home since the GPS on Jonathans cell phone took us the wrong direction so we missed our flight!!! We ended up having to get a hotel for the night and fly standby the next morning. Luckily we made it on both flights to get home but after being up since 530am, it was a really long day and we were really glad to finally make it back!

We finally got confirmed seats on our flight home and we were so excited we had to take a picture to remember the moment!
Jonathan caught this crab and brought it back to show the kids. After he let it out of the cup back on the beach the crab just stayed there by us.

We went to dinner on the water and this was the beautiful view we got to look at while we ate.

This was the typical day for all of us. Just relaxing on the beach for hours! It was so nice to get away from life and just do nothing all day!

We went down to the beach to watch the shuttle launch early one morning. Too bad the launch got cancelled and we all woke up for nothing!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 more weeks

time is ticking fast and I am now only seven weeks away from being a mom! I can hardly wait but in the mean time, I am taking one last vacation before the baby! I will be in sunny Vero Beach Florida in four days! My aunt Linda has an amazing beach house we all get to go stay in! SO excited!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I finally caved to the world of blogging! Lets hope it doesn't take me too long to figure out how this all works so pictures can soon follow!