Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've been laughing to myself a lot about some of the funny things Aiden has been doing and saying lately and thought I would share them and also have a place a can look back at and remember....

He loves to jump and jumps everywhere he goes. My mom just says "boing boing boing" to him and he will start jumping.

When he wakes up in the morning he will usually start yelling mamma mamma. If we are not quite ready to get up we will let him hang out in bed for a little bit and he slowly moves on to a new name yelling daddy daddy and when that doesn't work he resorts to yelling for his mema (my mom). If that doesn't work he does this super high pitch screech not a sad or upset screech just a really loud one. It's pretty entertaining.

If Aiden or anyone else sneezes he says "bless you"

He hasn't started to talk tons yet so a lot of the time we're left playing the guessing game of what he is trying to say or what he wants. I'll guess and guess and if I finally get it right instead of saying yes he says "yay!!" and he's usually so excited about it.

I always try to have him ask nicely for things he wants so if he asks for something I'll say "what do you say?" and he'll say "please" Lately he hasn't been very good at listening to what he is told so sometimes I will say "Aiden! what did mom say?" he responds saying "Please" obviously getting it confused with what do YOU say. Kind of funny.

When we drive to my dads office we pass a trax station and he LOVES the train. He has now decided that after we pass the station he is going to whine all the way home saying choo choo where are you???? I think we need to take him for a ride on Trax sometime.

He is obsessed with basketball and basketball hoops and everywhere we drive he points out all the basketball hoops saying "b ball!!" The simple things make him so happy and it always makes me smile.

Last but not least he is a little obsessed with his dad right now. He's always concerned about where dad is and when dad leaves he cries and walks around the house "dad, are you??" Every time we pass a white SUV he thinks its Jonathans car and yells DAD!! Its kind of cute to watch him adore his dad so much! You never think that such small things could make you smile or make you want to blog about them just so you don't forget. He is growing up so fast and it makes me sad but each stage we hit bring more laughter and frustration but always a happy feeling at the end of the day.

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  1. Look at you blogging again!! I love it, keep it up:)