Saturday, June 20, 2009

back to life

I just got back from florida and now it is back to real life! Florida was so much fun and it was so nice being able to hang out with family and see my aunt and uncle from Las Vegas that I haven't seen in years! The beach house we stayed in was amazing and only steps from the beach! We spent our days laying in the sun on the beach and enjoyed great food together. We had a few problems getting home since the GPS on Jonathans cell phone took us the wrong direction so we missed our flight!!! We ended up having to get a hotel for the night and fly standby the next morning. Luckily we made it on both flights to get home but after being up since 530am, it was a really long day and we were really glad to finally make it back!

We finally got confirmed seats on our flight home and we were so excited we had to take a picture to remember the moment!
Jonathan caught this crab and brought it back to show the kids. After he let it out of the cup back on the beach the crab just stayed there by us.

We went to dinner on the water and this was the beautiful view we got to look at while we ate.

This was the typical day for all of us. Just relaxing on the beach for hours! It was so nice to get away from life and just do nothing all day!

We went down to the beach to watch the shuttle launch early one morning. Too bad the launch got cancelled and we all woke up for nothing!!


  1. I didn't even know you had a blog! That is SO exciting because now I can keep up on you and your life. I can't believe how cute you look pregnant. You're so darling. Can't wait to see your little guy.

  2. Shyan I just found your blog! Im so glad you joined the blog world:) I am so excited for you and hope these next few weeks go by fast, the end seems to drag! Miss you and hope you are doing well:)

  3. Shyan you look so cute pregnant! I hope your baby comes on time and isn't stubborn like mine was! Glad to find your blog.